You have found the official JavaScript client library for Podio Platform. It covers all aspects of the Podio Platform API.

For help post on Stack Overflow and tag with podioPlatform. For bugs create an issue on GitHub.

Making API requests

The API reference documentation at lists all available API operations.

After you authenticated successfully you can start making API requests using the request method.

The method accepts the following parameters:

Parameter Description
method HTTP verb like get or post
path relative URL of the API, like /tasks
data JS object for POST/PUT requests, null for GET
callback Success function, called with responseData as a parameter

GET and DELETE requests

podio.request('GET', '/tasks', null, function(responseData) {
  // do something with the data  

POST and PUT requests

var requestData = { data: true };

podio.request('POST', '/tasks', requestData, function(responseData) {
  // response, if available

File uploads

For file uploads the uploadFile method can be used. It has the following signature:

Parameter Description
filePath An absolute path to an existing file on the hard drive
fileName The name of the file to be uploaded
callback Success function, called with responseData as a parameter

Note: Uploading files is currently only supported in NodeJS and not in the browser.

Using promises

The request function returns a promise object which can be used instead of the callback function. The promise format used is EcmaScript 6 Promises. We recommend using the ES6-Promise library for pollyfilling older browsers.

Here is an example of using request with a promise:

podio.request('GET', '/tasks').then(function(responseData) {
   // response, if available

Error handling

Depending on the error code PlatformJS SDK will throw different exceptions. On all exceptions you will be able to access the following properties:

Property  Description
body API error response, see Error body section
status HTTP status
url  Original request URL

The following exceptions are possible:

HTTP Code Exception
400 PodioBadRequestError
401 PodioAuthorizationError
403 PodioForbiddenError
404 PodioForbiddenError
409 PodioConflictError
410 PodioGoneError
420 PodioRateLimitError
500   PodioServerError
502 PodioUnavailableError
503 PodioUnavailableError
504 PodioUnavailableError
other PodioError

Error body

A typical error body returned by the Platform API looks like this:

  "error_parameters": {},
  "error_detail": null,
  "error_propagate": false,
  "request": {
    "url": "http:\/\/\/comment\/item\/78077883\/",
    "query_string": "",
    "method": "POST"
  "error_description": "No matching operation could be found. No body was given.",
  "error": "not_found"