You have found PodioKit, the official Objective-C SDK for Podio. It works with both iOS and Mac OS X.

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It is sometimes useful for a client to be able to receive real-time updates from Podio when a new event occurs in the system. In Podio, there are many types of push events and they always occur on a specific resource, a.k.a. the “carrier object”, for example a user or a conversation. For a detailed description of supported push events, see this page.

To subscribe to events on a specific object, you need to pass the PKTPushCredential instance available on domain objects that can act as carrier objects. Examples of these include the PKTUser and PKTConversation, both of which expose a pushCredential property.

For example, to subscribe to events for the logged in user:

[[PKTUser fetchCurrentUser] onSuccess:^ (PKTUser *user) {
  PKTPushSubscription *subscription = [PKTPushClient subscribeWithCredential:user eventBlock:^(PKTPushEvent *event) {
    NSLog(@"Received event of type: %@", @(event.eventType));

To unsubscribe from the channel (normally before logging the user out or when leaving a screen), simply call the unsubscribe method on the returned PKTPushSubscription object:

PKTPushSubscription *subscription = ...
[subscription unsubscribe];