You have found the official JavaScript client library for Podio. It covers all aspects of the Podio API.

For help post on Stack Overflow and tag with podio. For bugs create an issue on GitHub.

About podio-js

podio-js is a Podio JavaScript SDK for node and the browser.


podio-js is available as a NPM module and can be installed using:

$ npm install podio-js --save

Alternatively it can be downloaded from the GitHub repository.

Please note if your are not using NPM you will have to include the following dependencies in your project to be able to use podio-js:

If you intend to use the Push Service API, then you should also include the following dependency:


podio-js can be integrated using an AMD loader like RequireJS or a CommonJS loader compatible with module.exports (like the NodeJS module system). It can be required like this:

var podio = require('podio-js');

When used without a module loader in the browser it can be included using a <script> tag and accessed through a global window.podio-js object.

Hello world

To get started right away, use app authentication to work on a single Podio app. To find your app id and token to go your app, click the wrench in the top right corner of the sidebar and click the Developer option.