You have found the official C# client library for Podio. It covers all core aspects of the Podio API.

For help post on Stack Overflow and tag with podio. For bugs create an issue on GitHub.

About Podio-dotnet

Podio-dotnet is a C# client for interacting with the Podio API. All core areas are covered in the library.


You need .NET Framework 4.5 or higher and Json.NET as its dependency.


This package is available on NuGet Gallery. It comes in two flavors synchronous and asynchronous, To install the Podio package run the following command in the Package Manager Console

For synchronous version:

PM> Install-Package Podio

For asynchronous version:

PM> Install-Package Podio.Async

This will install the client library and the required dependency.

Hello world

To get started right away, use app authentication to work on a single Podio app. To find your app id and token:

using PodioAPI;

var podio = new Podio(clientId, clientSecret);
podio.AuthenticateWithApp(appId, appSecret);

var items = podio.ItemService.FilterItems(appId);
Response.Write("My app has " + items.Total + " items");